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Seattle seafood chain, Ivar's is famous for its practical jokes, publicity stunts and endless puns - so much so, the City of Seattle has officially declared April 1, 2014 to be "Ivar's Fool's Day!"

Ivar’s Seafood Bars and full service restaurants are once again paying tribute to beloved ‘flounder,’ Ivar Haglund, and his would-be 109th birthday with a deep-sea deal.

When Ivar Haglund’s prized proto-clam went missing in 1937, most believed the giant shellfish escaped into the bay. But did it burrow instead?

Ivar’s brings the season a glow with festive Seattle holiday events, entertainment and special activities throughout the entire month of December.

Ivar's Seafood Restaurants and its President, Bob Donegan, presented local non-profits Northwest Harvest and the Seattle Aquarium with donations totaling nearly $50,000.

Whalemaker Lounge at Ivar’s Salmon House reopens with Seattle’s best happy hour menu and shell-ebration event series

New menu items, interior and exterior refresh  and the chance to win a bike or iPad®, among the highlights

Fall food collection benefits Northwest Harvest during time of need; five donated items nets participants free cup of Ivar's chowder as 'thanks'

Ninth annual Teacher of the Year contests award William Levin of Hamilton International Middle School and Mark Owen of Highland Terrace Elementary School with grand prize honors

Ivar’s convenient new digital vending machine offers thousands of customizable chowder combos, day or night