It's Copper River Salmon Season!


Enjoy this fresh, first run salmon! Call for availability.

It’s Copper River Salmon season, and once again you can count on finding the finest and freshest of the early-season catch at Ivar’s Acres of Clams, Ivar's Salmon House and Ivar's Mukilteo Landing. Due to their arduous 300-mile journey home from the Pacific Ocean, these robust Copper River salmon are high in stored omega-3 oils, which translates to rich succulent flavor. Our waterfront-view restaurants offer tantalizingly tasty preparations developed by our executive chefs to pay special tribute to this prestigious first-run salmon.

King, or Chinook Salmon is the most luxurious and prized of all salmon due to its large size, texture and highest oil content. Many tributaries, in and around Alaska, such as the Copper River, are renowned for their Chinook runs.


Sockeye, or Red Salmon is just that, a smaller salmon with a deep red flesh that’s rich in oil content and exhibits a very robust salmon flavor.


Ivar's full-service restaurants are offering special menus of fresh Copper River King and Sockeye Salmon preparations. Quantities may be limited so please contact Ivar's Acres of Clams, Salmon House or Mukilteo Landing for specific fish and preparation availability.


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